the hangover 2

it’s just now that i saw this entry in my drafts. well..
january 2, 2014
after new year’s day dinner with his relatives, my boyfriend and i went out last night.
six of us went in to this comedy bar in metrowalk (ortigas).
had too much alcohol in my stomach (too much, since i stopped taking alcoholic drinks almost 3yrs ago). i had 4 shots of tequila, a shot of vodka, and 3 bottles of san mig light.
vomited on the way to aunt’s house. vomited again near imperial palace in qc, and again upon reaching bf’s house in qc.
bf’s mom opened the door, i immediately went to the bathroom to throw up again.
i remember bf changing my clothes and asking me to go upstairs to sleep.
when i woke up at 9.30 in the morning.. boom!
i was lying on the couch, with only a headache & an upset stomach with me.
ouch. never again. sorry vodka. you are really not my type!

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