I thought all the books that I’ve read that contain too much kissing and making out sessions were already morbid. I remember one of my professors in college asked me for my hobbies, I said reading. Then she said “I’ll make a guess on what books you’re reading… Mills & Boons, right?” I read a few of those books when I was a sophomore. I found those in my aunt Mely’s collections. I remember checking for those unfamiliar words in the dictionary every now and then. Nothing to be guilty of then since I can’t picture out the scenes the author has depicted on those books. In my junior year in high school, I‘ve became close friends with gays, lesbians, and sexually liberated girls. I started hearing stories from them about their ‘experiences’ with their partners. There was this girl, Ched, who’s a doctor now, who I always ask for details or definition whenever there are words that I’m not familiar with. Like the words pet, froth, etc. But still I kept my self busy with reading Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High Series. I even read those on my way home. Then I noticed other passengers on the jeepney looking at me as if I’m weird since they’re reading tagalong pocketbooks. During our college years, my friend Keith and I started reading Tagalog pocketbooks (hehe…) during intramurals. We were just curious why it seemed weird if we’re reading Sweet Valley still. I remember our friend Cor who has this wide collection of this Kristine Series (PHR), who lent us her books. Keith and I were hooked, we even go to 7-11 stores just to read the back cover of the books but we don’t actually buy them. I also borrow tagalong pocketbooks from my aunt’s neighbor. Hehe…
I stopped reading those books when I started working in 2006. I can’t seem to find time then. Then after 2 years I came across fully booked, that I purchased Confessions of a Shopaholic (by Sophie Kinsella) then I started buying all her books then. Then I had my baby so I have to stop reading again to focus on him and face the very unfortunate event that is my child’s father. 3 years after, after moving on from a failed relationship and having a new boyfriend, when I had my first iPhone that I had time reading again. And thanks to instagram when it was still exclusive to apple users. I saw this one user in the popular page, suggesting books to read. Then I started googling for the books posted on her feed. I don’t know how to download those, so I posted some on my IG account and added a caption with “where can I download free #book #ebook?” .then someone sent me a message asking me to download the app wattpad. And that’s how it all started.
The very first book I’ve downloaded, were of course, sweet valley high again, since there are too many episodes that I haven’t read yet. At times I posted pictures in IG of the book covers of those either I’ve read or those I want to read. i always use the #book #ebook in the caption. Someone sent me a direct message advising me to create an account in goodreads, and then download the books from and Now I’m thankful for that random IG user for I’ve added books on my list because of him.
Before I only stick to the Cinderella-kind of books and those books with college bad boys. After learning about Fifty Shades of Grey (by EL James), I learnt that I haven’t read romance novels that much. Boyfriend was just laughing at me, saying I’m reading porn. Of course I have to defend my self. I made fun on him being a twilight fan, so he said it’s payback time. He also told his cousin, Honey, about how engaged I am with Christian Grey since I even call him Christian one a few times, be it when I’m asleep or wide awake. Hehe… Honey said “hay naku girl, you better read Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty! 50 Shades is nothing compared to it!” so she went to her ‘library’ and took the set.
After reading the first book, I was really shocked. Gone are the images on sleeping beauty that I grew up on. I imagine her with my face. Hahahaha! But of course, I wouldn’t do such things. On the second book, I was really astounded that whenever bf asked me asked me about the book, I have goose bumps all over. On the third book, I really can’t take it anymore. There was this part wherein Beauty was making out with another girl, that I envision my self with my boyfriend’s lesbian friend. Hahaha! I told him about it and instead of laughing at me; he said he was turned on. OMG! I don’t have anything against them, but I just can’t imagine my self doing it with another girl.
After Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, I started downloading books from Oftentimes bf was upset since we no longer had long talks about how’d our day go at work. I was so consumed that the only conversation we’re having is about the books I’ve been reading. And after reading too much erotic novels, I got tired of it. Now I’m into less tamed books, like those written by abbi glines, m. Leighton, etc.
So far, here are the books that I’ve already read. Thanks to &

chance.. choice..

when you meet the right person to love, at the right place, at the right time, that’s a chance.
when you meet someone you’re attracted to, that’s a chance too.
there are many people out there who are more attractive, smarter, richer than your mate and yet you decide to love them just the same, that’s a choice.
attraction comes to us by chance.
but true love that lasts is a choice.
fate brings you together, but it’s still up to you to make it happen.
we may meet someone by chance, but loving and staying with that someone is still a choice.