why am i to blame?

your family should be the first to support you in times of troubles.

when jolo and i broke up, it was his tita beth who asked for forgiveness. why? she told me “i should’ve warned you.. i knew him more than you do.. i always knew this would happen. i just thought he had changed. hindi pa din pala.. nagmana pala sya sa dad nya.. and worst thing is.. both sides, from his dad and samin s family ng mom nya.. puro broken family. you should’ve known. you should’ve expected this to happen.. and i’m sorry. ako na humihingi ng sorry on behalf of jolo..”
when it was her half-brother’s wife’s who’ve talked to me everyday.. she just said “i thought kayo na talaga.. everytime aalis kayo sa bahay nila nanay before.. kayo pinaguuspan namin. lagi sinasabi nila papa na sana maging ok yung relationship nyo and hindi kayo matulad sa kanila.. we never heve expected na you’ll end up like this.. na it’ll be worst.. he doesnt deserve you. kasi you deserve someone better. move on, tin. lahat tayo mali ng pagkakakilala sa kanya. he’s turning into a monster.. he’s even worst than papa. difference lang is.. wala sya binuntis.”

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