have faith.

“ginawa ko lahat yun para m-feel ko na hindi ako nagiisa.. na nagugustuhan nila ako kahit ganito ako.. na nilalapitan nila ako kahit ganito ako. lumaki ako mag-isa.. lahat ng problema ko sinasarili ko lang kasi mas nagiging ok kung sarilinin ko na lang lahat..”

hindi ka nman nagiisa.. andito mama mo.. andito tita mo.. andito family ko pra sayo.. andito ako.

kahit sinaktan mo ko. kahit sinabi mo na binastos mo q noon bago pa lang tayo & bnastos mo prin ako hanggang maghiwalay tyo.. hindi naman ako nawala.. it pains me to see you like that. hurting. in pain. confused?
you don’t have to push people away from you just for you to look for someone else for you to make yourself believe na hindi ka nagiisa.

stop overthinking things, please.
let me help you. again.
i won’t push for anything more than friendship.. but let me help you.

don’t destroy yourself by hopping on to every girl who throw themselves at you. you’re more than that.

yes i don’t deserve every bad thing you did to me.. i don’t deserve the hurt i’m feeling. i don’t deserve what you’re doing to yourself ang how it affects the both of us..

i still believe that you’ll change.. there’s nothing constant but change. you might be happy with someone new, you might change the bad side of you because of this someone or the next one after her.. but i know everything will be ok..

don’t destroy yourself. don’t destroy us..
i still have hopes in you.
do it for the people who loves you..
do it for your mom..
do this for yourself..
have faith. don’t lose hope.


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