i never asked for anything from you kasi ayoko masanay n bnibigyan ako ng kahit anu.

but of course tinatanggap ko lahat ng bnibigay mo gifts.. or kht for no occassion at all. just because ika nga.

2 bags from EGG, Nike 360 shoes, kickers sandals, 2 bags from greenhills, wallet from meg..  bag from kaye.. the shoe tape dispenser.. things like that. i accepted all those because they are gifts from you. i didnt ask you to buy me anything. maybe at times we joke around and i’ll ask you to buy me something, but in the end, you know those were just jokes. and you never bought me anything i asked of you so i know you know those were just jokes. not even half-meant.

now someone told me you were serious with this gurl because of all the girls you’ve went out with since we’ve became a couple.. she’s the only who whom you’ve showered with gifts.. i want to cry. but i can’t. yes it hurts.. i’m not reacting like this because i wantthose things… but it should’ve been me.. not just the gifts.. but it should’ve been me who’s special to you.

i gave you things, just because. i gave you gifts without asking for anything in return. everytime i go to places, even just in groceries and something reminded me of you.. i buy something. i didnt even do that to my son. it was always you.. it’s always been you.








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