Trauma (part 1)

experiencing something traumatic will definitely change someone’s dreams and aspirations in life.

when i was still with my son’s dad, as early as 2 months that we’ve been together, i know it won’s last. i know i have to do something to be free from him, of him.

when he stopped seeing me, it was a relief. really. even if he left me with a son to take care on my own, i still believe it’s the best for me and my son. without bitterness. i know it’s best if he wont ever see me again.

when i met jolo, of course i hoped that he’s far too different from my ex. i hate to compare. only because i hate to remember.

i want to believe that he accepted my son. it’s too much if i asked jolo to love gabu as his own.

as years pass by.. he seemed ok. his relationship with my son is.. somewhat normal. jolo has a degree in psychology. and since my son has autism, I’ve expected that he’ll be the first one to understand.


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