a note found; dated feb 11 as well


As I’ve opened my peacock-printed notebook from my locker.. I saw a note.

Funny because it was also dated February 11, 2014.

Same date of the note I found in his car just weeks ago..


Jolo and I were officially a ‘couple’ back in January 11, 2010.

We just used September 26, 2009 as our anniversary as that was the day that he’d chosen to rescue me from the storm, instead of going to his girlfriend then.

Now all I can just say is.. anu meron sa February 11?


Dear ____,


A comforting, warm and happy smile comes to my face as I begin to write this.

Luckily, you and I have a great habit of thinking each other – little kindness, grand gestures, caring touches and daily boredom of the ‘daily chores’… otherwise, there would be no enough space to thank you for everything.


Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for taking a risk with your heart again – after it had been hurt as badly. Thank you for the 1st EGG bag you’ve given me – even though we didn’t even know each other that much yet.. thank you for singing to me whenever i can’t sleep. thank you for the back rubs, the foot rubs.. for all the things in between. Thank you for keeping us safe over all the thousand of miles we have driven. Thank you for keeping me laughing. Thank you for having the patience in teaching me how to play magic cards, even if I wasn’t able to learn anything from it. And of course, thank you for being the most incredible, loving, fun, and strong father-figure for gabu (although sometimes, it’s not obvious sabi mo nga..)

You are simply the best and i couldn’t ask for more.

i love you.. more and more each day..



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