To The Guy I Left In The Friend Zone For Too Long

same goes with my first boyfriend..
i really like this entry. 🙂

Thought Catalog

I’m sorry. But I know that sorry cannot take back everything I’ve put you through. It can never truly fix the way I hurt you. I got so used to always having you around that I seemed to forget that you had feelings, too. I was selfish. I know that now.

I wanted to keep you all to myself, but I didn’t want to be with you. I thought my lack of feelings for you gave me a certain control over you. I liked being in control for once, and that’s why I couldn’t let you go. I knew you weren’t going to one day stop responding to my texts or cheat on me with someone else because you were the one with feelings. I wanted to keep you close because I knew you were one of the only guys who would never hurt me.

I’ll admit, it felt good…

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