What It’s Like When You’re Afraid Of Losing The Love You Have

Thought Catalog


You want to think you’re the person that will know what they have when they have it. You want to think that the only way your love will break apart will be for typical reasons like they changed or you changed or there’s some glaring incompatibility you only noticed with time. You never want to think that perhaps the love you’ve been given is less than the love you think you deserve. You tell yourself that love is infinite, that nobody deserves more or less love, that you don’t have to earn or prove yourself to contain the love you have been given. Yet, these beliefs about love are beautiful in theory, but they become nearly impossible in practice, when you’re scared and up against the kind of love you’ve secretly wanted – yet feared – your entire life.

Subconsciously, you start to tear down what you’ve built, brick…

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