Why “True Love” Isn’t Enough

Wolverine Wallflower

They say that love conquers everything and love changes everything. Now maybe I’m just bitter and sexually deprived, or maybe I’ve yet to find that “one true love” that everyone keeps telling me about, but hear me out.


True love simply isn’t enough to fix me. True love cannot go back in time and take away what now makes me vulnerable. It cannot change the bad parts of my story and it certainly cannot give me a happy ending that nullifies the harm.


Love isn’t my goal or the be-all and end-all of my life’s progression. Love is not essential for my happiness and I refuse to accept that a soul mate exists out there. I am my own damn soul mate because I do not need someone to waltz into my life and complete it.


I am complete. I am capable. I have dreams that don’t…

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