reality check.

everytime i think of all the things that happenned these past few days..  it’s almost a month now since he asked me to let him go.. it felt like my heart’s about to explode.

i never thought he could and he would do this to me.. all the things/words and lies he said.. all the things he did.. sobrang sakit.. it really hurts that sometimes i just breakdown and cry as if it happenned on that very same day.

i’ve respected you… i’ve trusted you.. i’ve loved you inspite of everything.. but as days passes by.. yes i still love you.. but the respect seems to fade away..

i thought you would change. i thought you’ve changed.

i never thought that day would come..

a few days before you’ve asked me to let you go, you would always say i dont have to worry about anything as you’re not thinking of breaking up with me.. that you only need time and space to find yourself..

a few hours before you’ve asked me to let you go, you still told me you love me..

sabagay.. even before you asked me to leave our apartment.. you said you love me, and that you would never love anyone else more than you did for me..

masakit lang kasi i believed in everything you’ve said.

sabi mo pinapaniwalaan ko lang kasi yung mga gusto ko marinig..

hindi din eh..

kasi sa dami ng sinabi mo reason.. hindi ko na alam kung alin yung totoo..

kahit nakita ko na yung pictures nyo together.. kahit sinabi na sakin ng officemates mo na matagal ka na nila nakikita na may kasamang iba.. kahit nakuha ko na mismo yung letter sa kotse mo.. pinaniwalaan pa rin kita when you said hindi mo girlfriend yung mga yun.. na wala kang girlfriend.. na ako lang ang mahal mo..

anung nagyari sating dalawa..? i’ve built my dreams on you.. i’ve created my world around you.. kahit anak ko nga halos mapabayaan ko na para lang sayo.. para lang hindi mo ma-feel na nag-iisa ka..

what happened to you.. what happened to us..?





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