Today is the first time I’ll be rendering rest day over time (RDOT) since we broke up.

until March this year, after our shift, we’d go out on a date, either right after shift, or anytime that Sunday.

Last time we’d went out was March 9 where we’d went to Ayala Triangle Gardens to have breakfast in Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters then we just sat under the acacia tree and took pictures.. it’s been too long since we had our pictures together. then that night we went to glorietta to watch 300: Rise of an Empire. (favorite line: “you fight harder than you fu**!”)

I miss those days. Even if I didn’t have much sleep, especially if we’d go out right after my shift.

I miss the Saturday morning breakfasts we’re having in ChickBoy in Jupiter,Makati..

The weekly Saturday morning trip to the bus terminal after we had breakfast..

Actually, it’s not only those that I miss.

I miss his smile.. his laughter.. his voice.

I miss how he took care of me, how he made me smile..

How he made me mad whenever he has a (big) booger on his finger.. and he’ll make me cry after he jokes on wiping it on me..

I miss cooking for him.. even if I wont be able to eat it since I’ll be going home to batangas..

I miss texting him every now and then..

I miss receiving text messages and calls from him even if we have nothing to talk about.. just because..

I miss going back to manila thinking he will wait for me in the drop off (alphaland or edsa)..

I miss the ride home to unit 5..

I miss the dirty dishes in the sink..

I miss the shoes scattered on the floor..

I miss the laundry and the green basket full of socks and his undies..

I miss the dirty bathroom tiles and walls..

I miss the green curtains that hasn’t been washed for 4 straight years..

I miss the smelly pillows and the crumpled blanket..

I miss the dirty, oily stove and the dirty trash can..


I miss everything we’ve done together.

I miss the things that I do for him.

I miss talking to him about everything..

I miss him..

I miss us..

And how it all was..

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