Glenda. 071614

hindi kami makauwi.
malakas ulan. baha.
when it stopped. nakakatakot umuwi kasi hindi namin alam if mkakarating kami sa bahy, or kung makakapasok kami sa office.
we were in the office cafeteria when i remembered him.


september 26, 2009. we’ve been going out for quite a while then. but he’s still seeing his ex. sabi nya kasi.. she’s threatening daw na magpapakamatay sya kaya hindi nya maiwan yung girl. and i told him “”if nasa billboard na.. or nsa hospital.. dun ka matakot!”he told me she’s seeing someone new then. and kahit naman nun bago sila.. she’s still seeing other guys. he said pumupunta nga sya sa bahay nun girl, meron ibang manliligaw sa loob ng bahay eh. so for me.. why blame your self for the breakup? meron naman na palang iba.
so we were stranded. i was in jollibee-sangandaan from 2.30PM-6PM. i was waiting for him since he told me he’s going to pick me up. we had mandatory OT then. then when the rain stopped, i went to jollibee-mindanao ave and waited for him there until 7PM. he was from Roces Ave., then and the traffic was so heave. it weas still raining, he left his car near SM North and walked all the way going to mindanao ave (st.james college). we walked back to his car. then we went to the office. no one was there and he asked augie and me to go home with him instead and spend the night there.
it was after a few months after that when i learnt that his ex then wasked him to pick her up in ortigas. but he chose to be with me instead.

now, rainy day season again.. all i can think of are those rainy days when we were still together. even if its just raining and we just stayed indoors. i’d cook for him. we’ll eat together..
i also remembered the times when i offerred our apartment to one of our friends since she can’t go home then due to ‘habagat’. it was also raining so hard and that others can’t go home.
ang sakit isipin n dati inooffer ko yung unit namin.. sa isang kaibigan.. now.. ako yung hindi makauwi. i’mnot waiting nor expecting someone to offer his/her place naman.. kaya lang yung friend ko na yun.. hindi nga ako inofferan ng somewhere to stay.. pero after we broke up.. it seems that i lost a friend too. she doesnt talk to me anymore. i know it’s something personal kaya hindi sila dapat makisali.. pero it’s so obvious that they’re taking sides.. kasi mas close sila kesa sakin? i dont know..
times like these.. you’ll know who your real and true friends are..



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