we were walking then.. from ELJ building-mother ignacia side,Β going to esguerra ave where his car was parked.. it was raining then.. that’s the first time i knew he has a car. a tricycle passed by us and i was almost hit. he immediately embraces me and checked if i was hurt. when i said no, we continued walking..

he asked me for the time.. i said i don’t have a watch. funny because he has one.

then he said, “patingin nga ng fingers mo..” then he looked at it. then he laced our fingers together.. then he said “ang galing no.. fit na fit sa fingers ko..” as we continued walking.. he never let go of my hand until we reached the car.


i miss him. so much that it really hurts.

prang sasabog yung dibdib ko sa sobrang sakit.

i want to show people i’m ok. i want him to know i’m ok.

but i’m not.


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