when we wait (an excerpt)

When we wait, and continue to wait for someone to decide if we are what they need, we not only limit our lives, but we also say to ourselves that we aren’t important enough to be treated as special as we deserve to be.

Sure relationships have their rocky times, and sometimes we may all need a little break to be able to become stronger together, but we should never give someone the opportunity to make us an option that they can come back to whenever they please. We have to have enough confidence and respect for ourselves to know that our life should never be centered around another person. If a person truly loves us for who we are, they would never leave us hanging out to dry so long that we have no clue of when or if they will ever come back. Be yourself, and do the things that make you happy, when you do along the way you will find someone willing to be happy with you, instead of someone who feels like they can put you down, and pick you back up whenever you please.


To read more.. please visit http://maricorierivera.blogspot.com/2012/12/when-we-wait-and-continue-to-wait-for.html#!/2012/12/when-we-wait-and-continue-to-wait-for.html


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