As I’ve cleaned my locker, I found my notepad. Listed there are the movies this year that were lined up for our supposed to be ‘date nights’. Last movie we’ve seen? 300: rise of the empire. After he broke up with me, we went to his cousin’s house last may 25th. I’m not sure if he has an idea that his cousin and I were talking about the breakup while the three of us were watching this film. After dinner, his cousin asked me to join the other women from their family for a girls’ night out to watch Maleficent. He keeps on giving out excuses just so I can’t join them. He said “may shift ako nun.. hindi pwede.” Then his cousin will say “eh hindi naman ikaw yung iniinvite ko eh, si tin!” akala ko ok na.. then he whispered, “hindi nga pwede di ba..”

It was so touchy when my officemates/team mates planned this team buiding session where we went to Robinson’s Pioneer and watched Maleficent. One of them told me “alam ko naka-schedule kayo talaga to watch that movie. Kasi dib a lagi naman kayo yung nauuna manood.. as in first screening day pa lang.. so para sayo talaga to tin”

That was the first time that I’ve watched a movie without him.. I mean.. yes, I do watch movies alone. But this time, I’ve seen the movie after we broke up. When he asked me if magpapasundo ako that day, I told him “ok lang. may lakad ako.” Without saying where I was going. He didn’t ask anything, he just said ‘ok.’ Ang hirap nun feeling kasi.. nasanay ako na sya yung kasama. I’d rather watch movies alone now, kaya lang syempre super thankful ako sa effort ng team mates ko. Supper naappreciate ko. But I still can’t change the fact na meron moments during the movie na naiisip ko yung times na sinusubuan ko sya popcorn.. yung times na pag natatapunan ko sya ng popcorn kasi hindi ko nasubo sa kanya ng maayos.. yung times na naka-hug lang sya sakin while watching the movie.. yung times na super lamig na super higpit ng hug nya sakin kasi wala ako dala jacket, or kahit pag meron ako dala jacket.. yung times na we just held hands and we’re not talking to each other for the whole duration of the movie.. most of all, while waiting for the credits to finish, we discuss the elements of the film.. the scoring.. the lighting.. the plot.. kahit feeling mema & mamaru kami during times like those.. nakaka-miss. I never’ve done that with anyone else.. ever.

After a few days.. after seeing the pictures taken by those from our office who refused to identify themselves.. the picture of him with a girl in resorts world manila.. I told him “andaya mo.. ilan beses mo nab a ginawa sakin na aayain mo ko manood ng movie tapos malalaman ko na lang na iba pala kasama mo.. once was with Nicole (new moon), then yung movies with honey (his cousin) and the kids.. sabagay iba naman yun kasi relatives mo yun.. pero this time.. Maleficent? Sino kasama mo? Yung sa new moon, ex mo. Ngayon bago mo?! Grabe din..” he just said “ikaw kasi eh.. hindi mo ko hinintay.. hindi mo ko sinamahan.. iba kasama mo kaya naghanap din ako ng makakasama manood..” “wow! Kasalanan ko pa talaga?! Sorry ha?!”



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