3-month rule



He was big on this “3-month-rule” thing.

The 3-month rule simply implies that you have to give each other three months before entering into a new relationship, not only as a sign of respect especially if the break-up was not a mutual one but also for both parties to heal and think it over. Three months might not be enough to heal the pain not to mention to fully move on, but it’s part of the healing process.

I remember this one time, when we were having this conversation about his ex on our way to QC. He was driving then so I can’t see his facial expression. It was one of the few instances that he’d open up about her. We talked about her after I saw it in my FB notifications that she liked my recent post. (yes, friends kami sa FB then).
Jolo: “grabe lang talaga.. alam ba nya yung 3-month rule? Hindi man lang nya na-consider yun after naming mag-break!”
Me: “bakit mo naman maiisip na icoconsider pa nya yung 3-month rule? Alam mo naman na kahit nun bago pa lang kayo di naman sya nawawalan ng manliligaw di ba? Sabi nya sakin before kahit nun kayo pa, meron sya ibang guys na ineentertain. Ewan ko lang if she meant na meron sya iba boyfriend. Namention mo din sakin na minsan dumadating ka sa bahay nila na meron ibang lalake.. na tumatanggap sya ng suitors kahit nun kayo na”
Jolo: “kahit na. out of respect na lang di ba? Ipapakita mo na kagad sa ibang tao and sa friends mo yung bago mo boyfriend less than a month after nyo mag-break? Parang sa movie lang na one more chance. Pero beh.. wag naman sana.. pero if tayo yung magbe-break.. sana hindi tayo ganun.. kasi never naman tayo nagbastusan di ba..?”
Me: “ako alam ko na hindi ako ganun.. ikaw ewan ko na lang..”

Now.. as I check on the calendar, tomorrow marks the 3rd month after he broke up with me. why would I even think na he would consider that.. eh hindi pa nga kami nagbe-break, he was seen by my friends na may kasamang ibang babae. A few days after naming magbreak, as in less than a week pa lang, he was seen in resorts world na kahalikan yung babae nya!

I really did expect too much from him.. too much of him. I had high hopes, high respect. But in an instant.. I can’t feel it anymore..


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