how it all started I

A lot of people have asked me.. why do I love jolo. Why do I chose him and why did I stayed with him for 5years if in between those years.. we weren’t ok. Trust has been broken, affairs has been caught.. happiness has been lost.. after all those issues.. why? I can only ask my self that question as well, especially after I found out that he’s been cheating on me for quite awhile before we’ve broken up. Do we really have to have a reason or reasons why we love a person?

Before I met jolo, I was a battered girlfriend. I met Manny, the father of my son, in November 2007. He was the one who conducted the final interview on my first call center job in NCO. He was one of the supervisors in our function. After a month of going out with him, he started hurting me. It started after having coffee in Starbucks near Sykes in Q.Ave. I saw an old friend from high school when we went inside the coffee shop. The guy gave me a peck on my cheeks. It was a normal gesture that I didn’t even thought it would be an issue for him. After my friend left, he pulled me to the nearest table, scolded me about it. His grap on my arms were so tight tat it bruised after a few minutes.. He said he wouldn’t want me doing that again in public, especially with a guy. And he didn’t even say sorry for it.

I know it might be too soon to be having intimate moments with him. Me being just 21years old then, thought it was OK. He was my boyfriend anyway. On our second month of being together, he started to mention weddings.. babies.. family.. what would be our set up.. (he had a son when he was in college and is in the US, and a daughter with Charise who lives with his family in QC). I told him I’m not ready yet. My parents wouldn’t approve. In that same month, I remember him getting mad at me because I was laughing with my fellow-SME’s joke. Manny was upset, as what he said, because he doesn’t want me to be that close with another guy. After our shift, he brought me to Future Point (condo) in Panay Ave where he’s staying, and is owned by his parents. When we reached his place, he pushed me inside, I lost balance so I fell on the floor. He slapped me on both of my cheeks. He was shouting at me then and all I can remember was “ang landi landi mo! P.I ka! Boyfriend mo ko! Harap harapan mo ko binabastos sa harap ng madaming tao! Hayup ka malandi ka!” then he was tearing my clothes.. when nothing was left, he pulled me to stand, then brought me to his parents’ room. I thought I was raped. He forced me. Everything! He forced me to something that I haven’t done before. Yung feeling na binaboy.. ganun.. <to be continued..>


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