mommy duty


i wish i could live forever.. so you’ll never feel alone. i wouldn’t want you to grow with hatred in your heart.. thay will make you leave other people (women, in that case) then you’ll say “kasi si mommy eh.. wala sya inatupag kundi magtrabaho. iniwan nya ko mag-isa.. ako lang lagi mag-isa.. kya ganito ako ngayon..”

i know even if i’m gone.. our family would never ever leave you alone.

even if you’re special, in ways more than one.. i never regret having you in my life.

sabi ng mga bitter walang forever. but i have one.

others may leave me bone dry, i may have given up on them, but for you.. i never would.

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After 2 months of soul searching.. Hehehe.. After being rejected from 3 companies and declining 3 offers.. I think it’s about time. I never thought i’ll be working in mckinley; i prayed to God that.. Since i still can’t face him, please lead me somewhere i can have a new start. And since i’ll be working near his office building.. I’m still thankful. I just hope everything turns out well..


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an opinion formed beforehand, esp an unfavorable one based on inadequate facts

now that 50 Shades of Grey movie is being shown in cinemas not just in the Philippines, but also in other parts of the world, my facebook feed has been flooded again. liberated, pakawala, malandi, and all those adjectives would once again come into the minds of those close-minded people. in our modern world, being sexually active and if someone is open about their sexuality and other things pertaining to sex is no longer a no-no.

when i started reading the said book by E.L James, my boyfriend then keep on saying I’m a pervert. He said I’m a sex addict.. and that I’m no longer the person he used to know.
really?! Just because of a book?!
well.. mukhang kinain mo mga sinabi mo ah.. eventually, as i’ve mentioned in my previous posts.. I’ve learnt that he is a cheater. a womanizer. he said he had too many girls at his beck and call, since we’ve started dating. and the fact that I’ve seen bras and panties inside MY drawer… and those aren’t mine coz i don’t use undergarments with loose straps and garters (bacon), who’s laughing now?!
sinong malandi?! sinong pervert?! sinong sex addict?!
go ask yourself.