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my first attempt at online shopping

my boyfriend used to sell bags online. he used to do meet ups with clients,and he’d rather do that instead of shipping it since he enjoyed driving then and he get to go places (cavite, laguna, batangas & manila only). and back then, toll fee from nichols to calamba only costs less than P100.
so when it was my turn to order online, he keeps on telling me not to do it since he believed not all sellers can be trusted. being stubborn in nature, i didn’t listen to him. so i took the opportunity and browsed through instagram while he was sleeping soundly at my side.
i’ve always wanted to wear a dress at work since that’s the only time i feel more feminine. so i’ve typed in the explore tab the ‘dress’ hashtag. i’ve checked this one seller and i looked at her photos/items. and since i’ve gained weight.. i’d love to wear black so i can hide my bulges. and after reading the feedback from her previous customers, i was quite impressed, especially after looking at the pictures. and since we’re required to don ‘business casual’ dress code starting october, i think our P150 clothing allowance will go a long, long way since the price of the dresses i’ve seen were very affordable
this is the one i’ve wanted..
so i’ve sent a message to the seller and asked how the ordering/purchase process goes..
after we’ve discussed the process, i went to globe to pay it via g-cash. it’s a bank holiday then so i have to go there instead of paying it over the counter. so amount + shipping fee + gcash processing fee. so i paid for P779. it’s still affordable.
after that..
instead, i received this..
so after the hassle of calling JRS everyday, i was able to get the black one. the one i ordered.
i told the seller i’ll be paying the 2nd one when i got back to manila. but after a few days i really forgot all about it since i left those in the hamper. i was so disappointed coz those weren’t the ones i’ve expected them to be.
my boyfriend was teasing me, saying i looked like i’m ready to go to sleep. the nerve! so sweet right?!
i’ve shared this story to my girl friends before writing this blog entry. and one of them told me not to pay for the 2nd one since it wasn’t my fault.
i don’t want someone think of me as taking advantage of the situation. i still wanted to pay for it. i wouldn’t run from her with that unpaid amount. duh?! para san pa yun clothing allowance no?!
i intend to pay it next week. basta anytime next week. tinatamad pa lang ako.
am i ready for my next purchase?
well.. pwede naman.. ere’s always the 1st time. maybe i’ll just opt for COD na lang then 😓