..by a fellow call center agent

i’ve applied for the Admin Assistant post in February 2013. i was excited, to say the least. especially since i believed i am qualified for the said post. well, who would want to apply if they didn’t believe they’re qualified, right? anyway.. so i’ve submitted my CV and all that, making sure my previous job of the same title was highlighted. it’s been 2 days after i’ve sent my application when we had our town hall meeting. i haven’t got any reply yet from the recruitment then. then our AVP announced that we are on moratorium for 6 months so we cannot transfer jobs/functions. i was upset. because it limits my chance of having a new work envinroment, but still with the same company.
a few days after, we were out in the break room discussing the internal job postings (IJP) that we have applied for, sharing the same sentiment because of the moratorium. there was this person, who used to be an agent at that time, who was sharing info about the posts she’d seen in taleo (carreer website/intranet). She said she had applied for an admin assistant post. basically, a personal secretary to one of the department heads or something of the same level. i asked her who will she be reporting for if she gets hired. she said

“country manager. kelangan nila yung meron experience. eh di ba call center ka lang naman? so hindi ka pwede mag-apply dun kasi qualifications pa lang, hindi ka na qualified.”

i just kept silent. coz i don’t want to burst her bubble in front of other people. since i know she’ll get promoted for another post anytime soon. One of our common friends aproached me and whispered “di ba receptionist ka dati? and ilan years ka na nagwo-work di ba? di ka naman newbie. bakit ayaw mo sumagot?” i just said “yaan mo na sya. ayaw padaig eh. sya na magaling!”
My first job was in June 2006 in Sandz Enterprise Business Solutions as a receptionist/admin assistant/technical support coordinator. I was the secretary of the technical team, handling the engineers’ itinerary, schedules and dispatch. i do the minutes, and other admin task. i also handled the front office, taking in calls, working as an operator, doing inventories, telemarketing, and others.
can i just send her my CV? just because we were working in the same office means we have the same work history. she can’t compare me to her. at that moment, not intending to be mean, i asked my self “what school are you from and what degree or diploma do you have?”
bitch. mode. on.

how much does experience, tenureship, and quality of work (plus work ethics/values) costs?

back in 2010, when the recruiter handed me my Job Offer, and after seeing the figures, i was glad. of course it was still more than what i’m getting from my current employer then. so i accepted it and signed. after a week, one of my new wavemates and (her big mouth) was discussing how much was her basic pay and how much she’s getting about less than a month ago. i was surprised. she’s been offerred way too much than i  do.
after a few months, one of my team mates was telling us how much she was getting from her previous job. someone asked her “Php27000? gaano ka na ba katagal sa call center?”  “five (5) months.” “graduate ka college?” “hinde. 1st year college lang ako. gusto ko nga pumasok ulit kaya lang nakakatamad n kc xempre kumikita n q eh!” i was so upset. she’s earning more than what i do. and to think na i started working since 2007!
of course i can’t comment or even react to what she said. so there i was, vrey upset with what i’ve learnt. and so i’ve told my boyfriend. we used to work for the same company in QC before we transfer in BGC. when we left QC, i was also not happy with the fact that both of us received the same amount for our separation/back pay. of course, i’ve been with that company from 2007 – 2010 and he was only there for less than a year. talk about too much baggage!
it’s as if i can do or even say something. whou wouldn’t want to be appreciated for all the hardwork that you’ve done for the company. but seeing those people, just chatting, talking, eating and all that.. yes they do their job, and even one of my supervisors told me before that i’m ‘busier’ than the others.. to hell with that! yes there are times that i’m tempted, tempted to do what others are doing. petiks. tambay. wala lang. but at the end of the day, mahirap talaga pag hindi ka naman talaga ganun. i’m not pabibo, as they cal it. show off. no. i just want to do things that are expected me to do, tasks that are assigned to me. i just don’t want anything to be held against me. i’m just doing what i am being paid for. well, more than what i am paid for actually 🙂