A year ago, i only have keith & pem, ate jo, joe & lye & lou & ken as my closest friends..
Every day is a blessing, a moment to cherish and celebrate life.
I thank Him for taking one person away from me, and replacing it with a few better pack.





When someone gave you flowers.. On a black-letter day.. How do we usually react? Being maarte & all that, if i saw a guy giving flowers/bouquet to a lady, my friends and i would say “uy oh.. Love!”  or “sus.. Sa simula lang yan..”  or “nku basted yan!”
When P and i were still together, i always tell him “alam mo.. I’d rather you give me valuavle things instead of flowers. I’d rather receive cookbooks, can opener.. Pink broom.. Instead of flowers.” so our last date? He gave me pink hangers instead. And i really did appreciate it (then).
Now.. When you’re in the cafeteria getting free coffee 10minutes before your shift and someone approached you and handed you flowers.. Well.. I was dumbfounded. Stupidity at its finest! Instead of saying thank you, just seeing almost everyone looking at you, i just blurted out “what the fuck?! I’m not sick! Why do you have to wait up just to give me flowers?!”
All there is to say is.. I’m sorry. I’m just really maarte. And you don’t have a choice but to get over it!